Become a member of our EYMH Activist Network - For Organisations

Our membership offer is new and because of this, for now, free. We do not plan on charging for a long time, at least 2 years from sign up. There will be more details sent to you once signed up that explain this more. Either way, you can decide at that point.

As firm believers in co-design of all the work we do, over the next few weeks we will be sharing literature, documents and updates of our full proposal of the offer and we will want your involvement in designing our membership offer from the start.

Membership is open to young individuals (under 35 in these circumstances) and organisations. Joining will mean joining a wide network of organisations, professionals and young people alike, who are passionate to make positive change in mental health for young people across Europe and believe in our vision and mission.
* indicates required
Full name of main contact from your organisation
Why do you want to join, how might we benefit each other
What is your experience of mental health?This part is specifically if you want to ever want to share your experiences or professional opinions in European wide projects and to institutions like European Parliament, World Health Organisation and more.
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